Why do you choose a silicone grip ring? What are its benefits? How to choose?

Everyone knows that the silicone grip ring is a great artifact to exercise palm strength and wrist strength. The silicone grip ring can exercise arm muscles and enhance grip strength. Long-term practice can also enhance physical fitness and adjust heart function. Different strength grips are suitable for different people. How to choose the right strength for silicone grips? Let’s take a look at what strength silicone grip ring is suitable for you.
1. The role of silicone gripper

1. Silicone grips can exercise arms. Long-term use of silicone grips to exercise can make our arms stronger and stronger, expose our muscles, and also make our muscles more obvious, showing the masculine masculinity of a man.

2. Insist on using silicone gripper exercises can help us adjust the physiological functions of the heart, liver, spleen, lungs, kidneys, large intestine, small intestine, etc. The effect is very significant, and it can also relax muscles and channels, cure diseases and strengthen the body, strengthen physical fitness and prolong life.

3. Children’s exercises can promote the growth and development of skeletal muscles, exercise the balance function of the body, enhance physical fitness, improve concentration, willpower and self-confidence, which is conducive to mental health and the development of human potential; young people practice, regulate nerves and endocrine The balance of the system eliminates stress and maintains youthful vitality.

4. Silicone grips have special healing effects on modern urban civilization diseases, office syndrome, insomnia, arthritis, prostatitis, obesity, chronic gastrointestinal diseases, etc.

5. The silicone gripper is best combined with shuttlecock kicking to achieve the purpose of comprehensively regulating the body and mind. Its function is similar to that of Qigong to open up the two channels of Rendu and Zhoutian. And it is definitely something anyone can work hard to achieve.

Second, how to choose the right strength of the silicone grip

30 pounds: lighter strength, suitable for rehabilitation training, middle-aged and female friends.

40 pounds: suitable for office white-collar workers, female customers, suitable for medium strength.

50 pounds: powerful, suitable for office white-collar workers and male clients.

60 pounds: suitable for male friends of strength type, strong strength.

80 pounds: very powerful, suitable for powerful men, please don’t choose if you are not a macho!

100 pounds: as hard as iron, completely suitable for “monster” level gods to conquer!

Generally speaking, a male around 40 years old is qualified with a grip strength of 43 to 50 kilograms, and a female between 27 and 31 kilograms is qualified. Grip strength and body mass index can better show the relationship between grip strength and body weight. The calculation formula is: Grip strength body mass index = grip strength (kg) ÷ weight (kg) × 100.

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