Waterproof Clip Cycle Silicone Rain Boots Thickened Silicon Protective Shoes Covers Reusable Shoe Cover

  The most annoying thing on a rainy day is that the shoes are wet and soiled. Although traditional rain boots can be used in rainy days, this can be avoided, but in the face of this weather, which is faster than turning a book, traditional rain boots are really inconvenient to carry. The appearance of silicone shoe covers has solved this problem well, so it is very popular. So, what are the reasons why silicone shoe covers are so popular?
This silicone shoe cover designed and produced by Huizhou Deding Electronics Co., Ltd. uses food-grade silicone raw materials, which is environmentally friendly, safe, non-toxic and tasteless, and will not let you smell any cheap plastic. It has stable chemical properties, soft and durable The elasticity is very good, and it will not be deformed or torn when pulled at will. The one-piece injection molding process is adopted, which can perfectly fit the shoe upper without leaving any gaps, and there will be no cracks on the surface. The shoe fits on the outside of the shoe, just like a customized one.
Rinse it with clean water directly after using it up, and then shake it a few times as if it were new. It is not only waterproof but also has anti-slip effect. The sole has a thick anti-slip texture, which increases the friction between the upper and the bottom surface, so that it is not easy to slip.
In addition to being effective anti-slip and waterproof, it is also very convenient to store. It can be folded in your pocket or bag to prevent sudden rain. The design of silicone shoe covers is generally based on low-level ones. Of course, you can also choose to tie up to prevent the ground from getting too deep. However, the urban drainage system is generally still possible, and it is not as deep as the accumulation of water.
Silicone waterproof shoe covers are easy to use. You can put the shoe covers in when you need to use them. They are small and convenient, do not occupy space and do not affect the appearance. They are convenient and time-saving. The important thing is that even in heavy rains, your The shoes can still be intact.