The yoga mat made of pu has the best breathability and slip resistance.

PU is the abbreviation of polyurethane. It is a new organic polymer material.

Its applications are: artificial leather, famous shark skin swimsuits, sofas, car steering wheel outer membranes, etc. It is characterized by water absorption and breathability, strong skin affinity, and dry It is non-slip in both wet conditions. The surface layer of the PU rubber pad is made of polyurethane film, which is bonded to the rubber base at high temperature to make a non-slip, skin-friendly and water-absorbent cushion.

It has an excellent touch and is also the most highly rated cushion among several materials. The disadvantage is Afraid of oil, difficult to manage, dust absorption, rubber smell, relatively more expensive than other materials.

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The international standard yoga mat size is: 183cm*61cm*6mm. For most people in Europe and America, this size is long enough but not wide enough, so our shop has various widened versions. If it is used at home, whether it is a beginner or an experienced master, it will be more convenient to choose a widened one.

Yoga pays attention to the control of their own body. High-end yoga masters actually don’t use yoga mats. The more advanced yoga practitioners, the thinner the mats. The national standard yoga mat size is 6mm, which is sufficient for impact resistance and joint protection. Thick cushions such as 10mm or thicker will affect your body balance, cause movement distortion, and even fall down. It is recommended that beginners choose 8mm thickness, and 6mm national standard thickness after getting started.

Anti-slip, there are many postures that need to be balanced in yoga movements, which has high requirements for the anti-slip effect of yoga mats. Generally, the anti-slip effect of NBR mats is not enough, so it is only recommended for beginners. For professional practice, it is recommended to choose TPE material or cork. With the improvement of the accuracy and strength of asanas, practicing yoga will sweat a lot and affect the anti-slip effect. At this time, you need to choose PU rubber pads.

At present, the most popular yoga mat by yoga masters is the pu yoga mat, which has the best breathability and slip resistance.