Exclusive appearance patent, waterproof silicone protective shoe cover, non-slip ability to a higher level

Silicone shoe covers belong to the category of daily necessities in silicone products. Generally, high tensile force is used as the manufacturing principle to allow the base to reach a general condition. In addition, silicone shoe covers are quite environmentally friendly, and the colors can be customized in various colors, generally darker. Of course, girls generally like pink, so dark blue and pink are by far the two most popular colors. The rest also have this multi-style color, supporting red, yellow, blue, green, pink, purple and gray, and a variety of colors, making life colorful. Its main function is to put on the shoes to prevent the shoes from getting wet!

The specific functions of silicone shoe covers:

It can be effectively waterproof, and it is very convenient to store. It can be placed in your pocket or bag at any time to prevent sudden rain and emergency use! You can choose a high tie to prevent the ground area from being too deep, but it is usually low-level. Now the urban drainage system is generally OK, not as deep as the accumulation of water. The silicone shoe cover has very good pit tearing performance. Generally it can be used, but if it is too big, it is not recommended to pull it too hard to prevent it from breaking.

Usage of silicone shoe covers:

The operation is very simple. After you find that it is raining, take out the silicone shoe cover in the house or in a rain-proof place, and then put the toe side in first like wearing a shoe, and then pull the back to complete this step! After putting on the silicone shoe cover, you can pull up a part, and there is a button design on the top to make the seal better, and prevent the toe or the back of the foot from being brought up to wet the shoes when walking. And you can put the tip of the pants into the silicone shoe cover to prevent the pants from getting too long and getting wet! You can walk after wearing both!

And this shoe cover designed by our company not only thickens its thickness and reduces the possibility of abrasion due to sharp stones, but also designs a unique pattern to increase its beauty. Our shoe cover is unique in the market because we have its appearance patent.