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This yoga mat makes me want to exercise. It turns out that the advantage of the cork yoga mat is here.
Hey there! This summer is coming soon, how are you doing? Do you plan to spend a hot and relaxing summer lying at home?

Yoga is a sport that is not restricted by environmental conditions, and the powerful functional attributes of cork material can increase a lot. Waterproof, heat-insulating, wear-resistant, shock-absorbing, light weight, making exercise more convenient.
Cork is a very good environmentally friendly material with soft and tough texture. Doing yoga on the cork mat, as if you are in the nature, touching the warm and unique texture, is also conducive to physical and mental relaxation.

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Usually when we use yoga mats, we can play a very good role in preventing the knees from being compressed and causing pain when practicing yoga, because when doing yoga, some yoga movements require knees to be on the ground. If there is no yoga mat for cushioning, It will easily damage the muscles of the knee part, and the texture of our cork yoga mat is very light and thin. Not only that, we also use tpe environmentally friendly materials on the back. This kind of mat is used in yoga practice, it is not able to protect people’s knees well, and it is easy to cause people’s knees to be injured. Its texture is also very thick, and it also has a good anti-slip effect. In use, the mat can be fixed on a certain position well, and it will not cause injuries due to sliding. Whether it is a beginner or an experienced yoga enthusiast, it is very suitable to own this cork yoga mat.

If you think you want a wider and larger size, we also welcome you to customize it, whether it is TPE material, CORK material, PU material, there is always the one you like.