Exhaust rubber gasket


Environmental friendly and recyclable


Non-toxic: from raw materials into the factory to finished products are not produced any toxic and harmful substances.


Low and high temperature: resistant -40℃ to 230℃, can be used in oven and microwave oven.


Long life: the chemical properties of silica gel material is very stable.


Color diversity: according to the needs of customers, deployment of a different beautiful color.


Soft and comfortable: applied to personal care, beauty products, kitchenware and daily products


Easy to clean: clean water rinse can be restored to clean after using.


Electrical insulation performance: used for high voltage insulator, TV high voltage cap, electrical parts etc.


Electrical conductivity: used in electric heating components, antistatic components, shielding for high voltage cable, medical physiotherapy conductive film, etc.


Thermal conductivity: used for heat sink, thermal sealing pad, photocopier, fax machine thermal conductivity roller, etc.


Radiation resistance: used in electrical insulation cables, connectors for nuclear power plants, etc.
Product name rubber gasket
Materials Silicone
Temperature -70~220°C
Feature Resistance to high pressure, oil, weather, abrasion, solvent, high temperature, abrasion resistant, aging resistant, insulation, acid and alkaline resistant
Certificate ISO 9001:2008,TS16949
Hardness  20-90 shores A
Size Any size, Customized/standard and nonstandard
Sample time  If in stock, within 3 days after payment
Shipping Small quantity: UPS/FeDex/DHL expressLarge quantity: by Air/Sea
Customized OEM & ODM are welcomed
Delivery time  7-15 days by express after payment10-20 days by ship
Packing Plastic bag&carton box or according to your requirements
Application Chemical industry, petroleum industry, medical technique, food industry, sewage-disposal industry, steel industry, semi-conduct industry and so on
  These products are nonstandard, so the price is just for your information, the actual price is base on your demand. Abusolutely any size can be customized  
Outer Dia×Wire Dia(mm) Outer Dia×Wire Dia(mm) Outer Dia×Wire Dia(mm) Outer Dia×Wire Dia(mm) Outer Dia×Wire Dia(mm)
3.00×1.00  9.50×1.50  20.00×1.90  8.00×2.40  10.00×3.10 
4.00×1.00  10.00×1.50  21.00×1.90  9.00×2.40  11.00×3.10 
4.50×1.00  11.00×1.50  22.00×1.90  10.00×2.40  12.00×3.10 
5.00×1.00  12.00×1.50  23.00×1.90   11.00×2.40  13.00×3.10 
5.50×1.00  13.00×1.50  24.00×1.90  12.00×2.40  11.00×3.10 
6.00×1.00  14.00×1.50  25.00×1.90  13.00×2.40  15.00×3.10 
6.50×1.00  15.00×1.50  26.00×1.90  14.00×2.40  16.00×3.10 
7.00×1.00  16.00×1.50  27.00×1.90  15.00×2.40  17.00×3.10 
....×1.00  .....×1.50  ....×1.90  .....×2.40  .....×3.10 




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2. We can give you free samples to test the quality.

3. We have a  5 people QC team to check and guarantee quality.

4. We can promise a short delivery time.

5. Our company has been verified by world-leading inspection company,SGS Group.

6. Our customers cover all over the world.

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